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Adventure Diaries

Episode 1: Hot Plague
Episode 2: The Prince of Diamantis
Episode 3: The Wizard of Diamantis
Episode 4: The Rebels of Diamantis
Episode 5: Stolen Antiquities
Episode 6: Working for D
Episode 7: The Exiles
Episode 8: Finding Vango
Episode 9: The Shark
Episode 10: Mizzen Island
Episode 11: Plantinak
Episode 12: Ambushes
Episode 13: Magabe
Episode 14: The Vanadium Mines
Episode 15: The Princess and Other Stories


Notes: Notes for the players for episodes 1-14. Notes are integrated into the diary for episodes 15 and later.
GMI: Global Mediation Incorporated Accounts.


Satian Sea
Mizzen Island
Magwash County
Diablo Islands

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