Here are essays describing SAGA's fantasy universe, or at least the one we conceived, and some maps of its planets and countries. We are slowly converting the essays from PDF to HTML format. Each essay title is followed by an abstract. When the abstract mentions a place, the place name is followed by the name of the country, continent, and planet upon which the place is to be found, enclosed in brackets.

A Brief History of the Galaxy: A History of the Galaxy: Story of the Illuminati, their explorations of space, and their discovery of Terra. The origins of daemons, demons, demi-gods, and gods. The discovery and colonization of the Celesti Sector, the discovery of the Celesti, and the destruction of Luma. We recommend you read An Introduction to Magic before you read A History of the Galaxy.

The Celesti: Detailed description of the Celesti, a theory of their origin, and their distribution and frequency in the sector. The task of the router, calendars, one-links, two-links, and three-links.

The Celesti Sector: Size and distribution of populations, extent of the sector. Free worlds, open worlds, and the Free World Declaration. The sector-wide economy, and its divine controllers. The senility of the gods, and the power of their elf stuards. Travel between the worlds. The watchers of the free-world conjunctions. Brief descriptions of Clarus, Comitor, Feras, Vagor, Hell, Olympia, Domus, with an introduction to the Zen philosophy.

Summoning: How the gods profit from sending medicine, soldiers and other goods to wealthy consumers through space bridges to Clarus, how much it costs, and who can do it.

Clarus: Properties of the world, size and distribution of population, history of colonization, breif accounts of various nations, races, and empires, the Dark Ages, and the Reconciliation.

Government Made Easy: Advantages and disadvantages of various forms of goverment, and their formidability in war and peace.

Time Travel: Extracts from a classic Celesti-Sector text on time travel, written by a time traveler living in Domus. Space bridge time shifts, prescience, daemons, dragons, paradoxes, destiny, and zen.

Daemons: The rare and valuable daemons of the Celesti Sector, the nightmare daemons, their use of time travel, and their profit from trade through illegal bridges.

The Origin of the Elves: The creation of the elves by the Lumans, their families, their rebellion, the rise of the Telyati, and their eventual to the Celesti Sector.

Ursia: Wizards and the founding of Ursia, its economy, government, laws, and roads.

Weiland: The government and people of Weiland and the Dukedoms of Weiland in the twenty-fifth century.

Gastranoi: The government and people of Gastranoi.

The Reconciliation: A description by the god Aries of the Treaty of Reconciliation, with some relevant passages from the the Free World Declaration.

Gods: History and biographies of the gods.

Open Worlds: The economy and history of the Open Worlds, the balance of power in the Celesti Sector.

Caravel: History of Caravel, Clarus.

Inhabitants of the Western Outlands: A collection of essays describing the inhabitants of the Western Outlands, Clarus..

Politics of the Western Outlands: A collection of reports on the politics and economies of the nations in and around the Western Outlands [Idonius, Clarus].

Calipan: The Calipanti of Calipan, Clarus.

Ersay: The Giants of Ersay, Clarus.

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