Alice and the Centipede Alice and Haley dig too deep going after a centipede.

Legolas's Bad Day Legolas has a bad day in Winter.

Orc Music Alice and Haley help Legolas recover his bow.

Catacombs Alice and Haley explore the tunnels under their garden.

The Collector We find out why Alice wants to catch a giant centipede, and meet her scary friend.

The Ring Alice and Haley lose two treasures but make a friend.

The Winged Cat Alice and Haley descend again into the catacombs.

The Hostage Alice and Haley try to meet the owner of the winged cat .

Finding Jonah Alice, Haley and Vik enter The Catacombs to rescue the man with no tongue.

The Duke's Gold Salina and Garibaldi find a chest full of gold coins and are caught up in a great adventure.

The Duke's Gold Printed book version.

Torque Edwards Notes on a planned novel.

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