Rules of Play: Introduction to SAGA, followed by rules for playing the game, including: attributes, experience points, disciplines, hand-to-hand combat, missile combat, and surprise combat.

Introduction to Magic: Summary of the basic facts about maeons, space bridges, time shifts, space tunnels, prescience, why steam engines and dynamite don't work on magical worlds, and who can make what classes of bridges in SAGA's universe.

Laws of Magic: Description of SAGA's magical phenomena, followed by descriptions of wizard spells.

Economy Prices and money in SAGA's universe.

Creature Guide: Descriptions of creatures from SAGA's universe.

A Catalog of Planets: List of planets in SAGA's universe, and a map of their positions.

Inventing Cultures: A guide to inventing cultures and cultural deatil in SAGA's universe, including existing decisions relating Earth cultures to SAGA cultures for the aide of the dramaturgist.

Tables from the Rules: Compendium of tables mose frequently consulted during the game. Print with four pages to a sheet to make two-page summary.

Tables of Burdening: Armor, Weapon, and Shield burdening tables that make it easy for you to figure out the burdening caused by encumbrance.

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