Quayam Thristen Gristel SAGA

We present the adventures of Quayam Srae, Thristen Allomere, and Gristel Virage, played respectively by Kirk, Chris, and Kevan. The QTG game started in 1990 at Cornell University, where it included Bolus the Wizard, played by John, and Swayla Tendawun, played by Kirsten. The original adventure diaries are hand-written in Cornell University notebooks. In the winter of 1996 we played the Captive and the Clowns adventure, staying in Kirk's apartment on the Cape. But it was not until 2003 that we wrote that adventure up as a novel, which you will find below. We began the on-line diary in 2002.

The Captive and the Clowns A journey to another planet to rescue an old friend (PDF).

The Green Horn Tavern begins with day-by-day entries, notes on die rolls, records of experience point awarded, and occasional scenes written from the point of a character in the game. The Castle Hydroma and The Trans-Outland Highway are composed exclusively of such scenes, along with exerpts from letters, diaries, and newspapers that exist in the game world. The Ursian-Endan war relies heavily on newspaper articles to chart the course of the war when it was impossible for one of the player charecters to be present at every battle. When we restrict the diary to the point of view of characters in the game world, we must create a separate record of discussions of the game rules, future events, and memorable die rolls. We have a notes page to accompany the diareis.

The Green Horn Tavern Book One of the Iron Road.
The Castle Hydroma Book Two of the Iron Road.
The Trans-Outland Highway Book Three of the Iron Road.
The Ursian-Endan War War between Ursia and Endor.
Player Notes Notes for the players.

We return to the format of our earlier diaries. Real and game world material are mixed together. We can use the past tense. We can write from the point of view of the omniscient narrator. We can include passages written by the players as well as the dramaturgist. The diary becomes a document designed for the enjoyment of the players when they read it at the beginning of the next game. We retire the Player Notes page. The current notes are in the diary, at the end.

The Boy in the Photograph The hunt for the boy in the photograph.
Traffic Book Four of the Iron Road.
The Talismans of Summoning Book One of The Crusade.